Study Abroad in China: Chinese Studies & Internship in Beijing – Faculty & Staff

Chinese Studies: Faculty

Chinese Language Faculty

Our agreement with Capital Normal University provides us full autonomy in hiring Chinese language faculty. Language faculty for this program are selected from our pool of experienced faculty at the Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing program. All CET language faculty in Beijing attend training sessions together.

Elective Course Faculty

Area studies faculty comes to CET with a variety of backgrounds. Many are scholars from US universities on sabbatical or summer leave. Some are graduate students conducting research in Beijing. Some are scholars, trained in China, with US teaching or research experience.

Chinese Studies: Staff

CET maintains full-time, bilingual staff at each of its study abroad locations.

The Academic Director oversees the area studies curriculum, manages faculty and teaches the program’s core course. S/he monitors courses and works with faculty to accommodate specific student needs.

The Chinese Language Coordinator oversees the language curriculum and faculty, and manages Chinese language classes.

The Resident Director manages housing, local roommates, excursions and student acclimation, health and welfare. S/he is trained to prevent and handle student emergencies.

Staff Bios

David Moser, Academic Director

Chinese Studies Academic Director David MoserDavid Moser holds a Master’s and a PhD in Chinese Studies from the University of Michigan, with a major in Chinese linguistics and philosophy. His PhD dissertation Abstract Thinking and Thought in Early Chinese and Classical Greek won the Rackham Distinguished Dissertation Award in 1996. He has been a visiting scholar at Beijing University and a visiting professor for five years at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, where he taught courses in Translation Theory and Psycholinguistics. Dr. Moser has also worked as a program advisor, translator and host at China Central Television (CCTV) in Beijing. Since 1992, he has appeared frequently on Chinese TV as a foreign expert, host and occasional performer of a kind of Chinese stand-up comedy form called xiangsheng or “crosstalk.” He lives in Beijing with his wife, Lihua, and daughter, Leah, and regularly plays piano with various Beijing jazz groups.

Liu Fang, Chinese Language Coordinator

Chinese Language Coordinator Xiao Liu FangLiu Fang received her Master’s in Applied Linguistics and Bachelor’s in Education from Beijing Normal University. While at CET, Liu Fang has taught at Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing, Chinese Studies & Internship in Beijing and (former) Hangzhou Immersion. She has also served as language instructor at Middlebury College. Liu Fang has acted as Chinese Language Coordinator at the CET Chinese Studies program since 2007.

Zuo Cui, Resident Director

Chinese Studies Resident Director, Zuo CuiA native of Shaanxi Province, Zuo Cui first joined CET as a Chinese roommate in 2004. She joined the staff of the Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing program in 2005, working there for five years in various capacities, including Office Manager and Assistant Resident Director. After a brief stint at the International Culture and Creativity Industrial Group in Beijing in 2010, she realized how much she missed working with CET students. She returned to CET as the Resident Director of the Chinese Studies & Internship in Beijing program, and intends to make International Education her life’s work. Having lived in Beijing for almost a decade, Zuo Cui is an excellent resource for students who want to learn more about Beijing life and culture. She enjoys helping all of her students immerse themselves in this fantastic city.

Chinese Studies: Alumni

Hear what CET Chinese Studies program alumni have to say! Click here to contact a former student.

Academic Advisory Board

CET maintains an advisory board of US-based scholars. The Chinese Studies Advisory Board oversees the area studies curricula of two programs:

  • Chinese Studies & Internship in Beijing
  • Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai

The Advisory Board meets annually to discuss curricula and derive teaching standards. Board members visit the CET sites in order to evaluate programs and, when possible, teach courses.

Dr. Dorothy Borei
Professor Emerita of History, Guilford College

Dr. Rebecca Clothey
Professor, School of Education, Case Study Advisor, Center for Public Policy, Drexel University

Dr. Ken Hammond
Professor of History, New Mexico State University

Dr. Scott Kennedy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Director, Research Center for Chinese Politics and Business, Indiana University

Elizabeth D. Knup
Former American Co-Director, Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies

Dr. Nancy Riley
Professor of Sociology, Bowdoin College

Dr. Helen Schneider
Associate Professor of History, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Dr. Yan Sun
Associate Professor of Art and Art History, Gettysburg College