CET Harbin

Outstanding Language Faculty

Chinese language instructors are seasoned teachers, hand-picked by CET from the host university. Most instructors have graduate degrees in Chinese or foreign language pedagogy, and some have experience teaching at US institutions.

The one-on-one classes are taught by a different team of faculty. These courses serve as both language classes and tutorials about a specific topic, so we select faculty who can teach both. One-on-one faculty come from the host university and neighboring institutions. All have higher degrees in their area of expertise.

Full-Time, Bilingual, On-Site Staff

Academic staff ensure that you and your classes are a good fit. They direct the curriculum, manage the faculty, and monitor courses. Do you have particular learning needs? Do you need advice for keeping up with the class pace? The academic staff is there to help.

Programming staff help you get the most out of the program. They handle housing, excursions, and day-to-day logistics, and are trained in emergency prevention and management. Got an idea for an activity? Need to see a doctor? Just want someone to talk to? Programming staff are your best resource.

Ren Shujing
Ren Shujing received her BA in English from Dalian College of Foreign Languages in 1990. She started teaching Chinese at the Harbin Institute of Technology and CET Harbin in 1996. During her tenure at CET, she has taught all courses, arranged one-on-one tutorials, trained teachers of all levels, and created and managed curricular materials. She is also the editor of Chinese language teaching materials produced for the Singapore College of Art and Literature.

Ren Shujing

Academic Director

Li Yanqiu
A native of Harbin, Li Yanqiu joined the CET Harbin staff in 2003 and has served as Resident Director since 2007. Li Yanqiu studied English at both Northern Union University (1993-1995) and Heilongjiang University (1999-2002). She worked at Harbin’s Kunlun Hotel for eight years, eventually serving as manager of the Personnel & Training and Front Desk departments. As a certified tour guide she has also led tours in many of China’s major cities.

Li Yanqiu

Resident Director

Alexandria Waters
Alexandria started studying Chinese after an unexpected trip to China during college. She would later graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014 with degrees in Asian Studies and International Politics. Upon finishing her studies, she quickly decided to return to China, where she taught undergraduate and graduate students at Hebei University for two years. While teaching, she also facilitated cultural exchanges on the university’s two campuses and learned to embrace an entirely different way of life herself. Passionate about Chinese language education and helping others through the cultural immersion experience, Alexandria is thrilled to be a part of the CET Harbin team.

Alexandria Waters

Resident Advisor