CET Harbin

Activities Around Harbin

Spend an evening singing karaoke. Take a taijiquan (taichi) class. Compare Western and Russian architecture on Central Street. Visit a Confucian or Buddhist Temple. Challenge your suitemates to a ping pong match. Stroll along the Songhua River, or explore Stalin Park.

Each term, the program offers different activities that allow you to explore Harbin, learn about Chinese culture, or just unwind on the weekends with your roommate and classmates.

Overnight Trip to a New City

For the perfect weekend getaway, you’ll visit a city like Beidaihe, where you’ll relax and rejuvenate. Have a bonfire on the beach. Eat fresh seafood. See the famed Laolongtou, “Old Dragon Head,” where the Great Wall of China meets the sea. Rent a bike and go exploring, or just soak in a hot spring. You’ll love traveling through the region with your classmates and roommate.

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Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin's Famed Ice Festival

Each year, thousands of people head to Harbin to experience the world’s largest ice festival!

While you’re there you can ice skate, ride down giant ice slides, or even go on a sleigh ride. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your roommates and other CET students.