Photo Essay: CET Shanghai

Photos by Ryan Kim, (Brandeis University) Student Correspondent CET Shanghai, Fall 2016


This picture was taken at Gongyu Village in Xianju, Zhejiang Province where we had our CET weekend trip. The hike up to the village took us 3 hours but it was definitely enjoyable and relaxing experience as it was of moderate difficulty. My experience at the village was very calming and peaceful. Though we were not able to receive any cellular signal, the village had wi-fi for us to use so that we can share our invaluable moment with our friends and family.



This picture was taken at the top of the mountain next to Gongyu Village. Some of the CET students are taking a group photo to capture the unforgettable moment. The hike up to the mountaintop was optional and got a little bit intense at the very end as we had to rely on a rope (and, of course, with an assistance from the experts) to climb up to the very top. However, I highly recommend anyone visiting the Gongyu Village to climb up to the mountain top because the view is mesmerizing.



This picture was taken on the 118th floor of the Shanghai Tower building. The building is 2073 feet high and is one of the tallest buildings in the world. The building is known to have 127 floors. However, only up to 118th floor is open to public visit. The building was just opened to public in the early 2016. It requires some luck to have a clear sky to be able to see across Shanghai due to weather and air pollution issues. Nevertheless, the view from the building is breathtaking as it is indisputably the tallest building in Shanghai.



This picture was taken at the Shanghai Disneyland. Having the largest Disney castle in the world, the Shanghai Disneyland is about three times the size of Hong Kong Disneyland. There are many rides that can be found only at the Shanghai Disneyland including the famous Tron ride. Also, souvenirs at the Shanghai Disneyland feature Chinese characteristics complying with their motto of “authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.”