Photo Essay: CET Shanghai

Photos by Kierstin Conaway (Wittenberg University) Student Correspondent CET Shanghai, Spring 2017

In the beginning of this past month, we had our first CET weekend trip. One of the requirements that CET has to follow for a weekend trip is that the place must be one that we students are not easily able to go to ourselves. Therefore, we found ourselves at Mogan Mountain; a mountain that used to be a hot spot for expats back in the early 1900s. In this picture, you can see some students, Chinese roommates and our program director taking a break from hiking up the mountain and taking in the scenery of the bamboo forest.


This picture was also taken during our weekend trip. It took around 3 hours to hike up to the top of the mountain, and the place pictured in this picture is of a nice, little resting area. Though, by the time we got to this level of altitude, it had started to rain and became rather foggy. Hence, the white haze in the background.


This past month, Shanghai held its International Literary Festival. Considering that CET is sponsors of the festival and encourages us students to attend events like this, I was given the opportunity to attend a couple of panel sessions. The panel that I looked forward to the most, though, was by the author Lijia Zhang. In this photo, you are able to get a glimpse and feel at to what the Shanghai International Literary Festival was like.


The place that the literary festival is held is located right along the bund. Last month, I shared a picture of the eastern view of the bund, which is the classic view. So, this month I will share a view of the western side, which almost appears as if I am no longer in China due to the European-style architecture.


Whether you want to hop on a bus that goes all the way to the bund, head to the train station where you can hop on a train that can take you about anywhere you want to go in China, or head out to search for something to eat, Donghua University is conveniently located in the center of Shanghai. The above is a picture of a local restaurant right outside the main gate of Donghua University. If for some reason I do not feel like eating in one of the two cafeterias on campus, I know that I will be able to find a quality and well-priced meal within a couple of minutes.


In Mid-March, our RD held the second walking tour of the semester; this walking tour took us to explore Hudec’s architecture throughout Shanghai. Along the way, we also stopped at random places, such as a college, an old apartment building that still has Mao’s slogans from the Cultural Revolution, and, my personal favorite, the library that is pictured above.


For one of my first free weekends in a while, I decided to make a trip to Hangzhou, which is about an hour away from Shanghai via train. While in Hangzhou, I was able to meet up with a couple of friends from CET Beijing Janterm, as well as see some of the local sights, such as West Lake.


The above carvings are known as the Feilai Feng grottoes, which are located in the same park as Lingyin Temple. This temple, in Hangzhou, is one of the oldest and most well-known Buddhist temples in China.


Right before mid-term week, our roommates decided to host a dumpling party. Not only did they teach us how to make dumplings, but they also cooked us a meal, which, in Chinese culture, is significant and meaningful.