Photo Essay: Brandeis Midyear in Florence

Photos by Tatiana Frazier, (Brandeis University) Student Correspondent Brandeis Midyear in Florence, Fall 2016



On our way to the CET center this day, we had to go through the Palazzo de la Repubblica towards the Arno to get to our writing seminar on time. We have been soaking up the views of this beautiful city as much as we can, knowing our time here is almost over.



This photo was taken on my way home from school, towards the square outside of my apartment. The bright decorations on display have amplified the air of festivity and bittersweetness the month of December brings to CET students.



While waiting for the Christmas tree lighting, I took this photo beside the Florence Cathedral. Hundreds of us gathered for the fun parade about to take place on this chilly Tuscan evening.



Shown here are some of the entertainers holding the Florentine flag in front of the Florence Christmas tree before it lit up. The music, dancers, and entertainers dressed like they were from the 16th century made this celebration all the more enriching and festive.



The skies lit up with the lights of Christmas on our way back from dinner. This was taken in front of our apartment, with Christmas music playing in the streets!