New CET Programs: Taiwan and Argentina

CET is excited to announce two new programs: an intensive language and internship program in Taiwan and an advanced language program with a focus on social change based in Argentina.

CET Taiwan will partner with the prestigious International Chinese Language Program (ICLP). ICLP has been around since 1963 and for decades, has been the place for graduate students, scholars, and professionals to get their Chinese up to near-native fluency. CET is the first study abroad provider to partner with ICLP. So students will have double bragging rights (and double access to two robust alumni networks)…CET & ICLP.

CET Taiwan students will spend 3 hours per day taking intensive Chinese language classes with other ICLP students or 1:1 with a teacher. They will spend at least 10 hours per week at an internship in the private, civil, or government sector and take an internship companion course run by CET. The program will be centrally located at National Taiwan University, Taiwan’s top university; students will live with a local roommate and other international students near campus. The program will launch in Summer 2017 for students with at least two semesters of Chinese.

CET Argentina will expand upon the thematic focus on social change in Latin America that we established with our São Paulo, Brazil program. Based in Córdoba, this program will be open to students who have completed two years of college Spanish. It will include a one-month Spanish language “boot camp” prior to the start of the program. Additionally, students will take a core course on social change and 2-3 electives as direct-enroll students at our host universities. Elective offerings for students with advanced Spanish skills include health, education, and STEM classes.  Look for more information on CET Argentina later this fall.