I’ve applied. When do I hear back?

When each item in your online account has been checked off, congratulations, your application is complete! You’re welcome to complete your application in advance, and we continue accepting applications until each program’s application deadline. For most programs, you will be emailed an admissions decision within 2 weeks of receipt of your completed application.

Applying for… We’ll review your application after…
Fall February 1
Janterm August 15
Spring August 15
Summer January 1

A few of our programs work a bit differently:

CET Taiwan. Your application process involves an additional phone interview to assess your language level. The phone interview will be scheduled after your other application items are complete. Your admissions decision will be emailed within two weeks of the phone interview.

CET Film Production & CET New Media. The application process for these programs involves additional review by the Advisory Board.  All applications and portfolios will be reviewed immediately after the application deadlines listed below. You will be emailed an admissions decision approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the application deadline. Learn more about the CET Film Production application process and the CET New Media application process.

Applying for… We’ll review your application on…
Fall Film Production April 1
Spring Film Production or New Media October 1