How transcripts work at CET

All students automatically receive one official transcript about 6-8 weeks after their CET program ends, provided that the student’s account is paid in full. (Students can order additional official transcripts for a fee.)  Transcripts are sent directly, in sealed envelopes, to the student’s college or university.

In most cases, transcripts are jointly-issued by CET and its overseas partner institutions. CET jointly-issued transcripts list the names of all courses taken, the total number of course contact hours, grades earned and recommended credits for each course. Jointly-issued transcripts are issued in English, contain the seal and signature of the host university, and the stamp and seal of CET Academic Programs.

For US institutions that require additional documentation, students may request a transcript from CET’s School of Record, the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota transcript option will be open to students on any CET college-level program. Students may indicate their preference for a UMN transcript during the CET application process, and pay a School of Record fee of $400. Those who “opt in” will be enrolled at UMN as full time, non-degree seeking students and, through consortium agreements, will be able to access financial aid through their home campus.

When CET partners with a US institution to operate a program, students on the program may receive a transcript from the US partner. This transcript lists the courses and number of credits issued by the US partner. The CET programs that fall into this category are:

  • CET Siena: transcript from University of Virginia.
  • UW in India: transcript from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • CET Brazil Summer: transcript from Tulane University.
  • Middlebury School in China: transcript from Middlebury College.
  • CET Florence & CET Florence: Film Production: transcript from CET’s School of Record, the University of Minnesota.