Diversifying Study Abroad with Two Summer Programs

We are proud to announce two summer programs that focus on underrepresented student groups in study abroad: athletes and ROTC students.

Global Players in Prague, for student athletes

We’ve joined forces with Global Players to offer this 7-week program in Prague. Students can choose the Intern Abroad track and pursue an internship, or the Study Abroad track and take International Management plus an elective in history or arts. An on-site Athletic Director coordinates conditioning sessions, tournaments, and cross-training specific to each student’s sport.

UW in India, with Project GO funding for ROTC students

This 8-week program in Varanasi focuses entirely on intensive Hindi or Urdu language training. The program is run through our partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison is approved for Project GO funding, which covers all expenses for accepted ROTC students. Students also live in homestays and explore historic Varanasi.

Both of these programs stem from our commitment to diversity & inclusion in study abroad. Please contact CET with questions.