Expanded Course Offerings on CET Programs

We are thrilled to offer new courses in 8 of our programs beginning in Spring 2017. From new economics courses in Siena to a course on food, culture, and identity in Vietnam, new courses provide more variety, allowing students to meet major requirements, delve into the local context of the country where they are studying—or both.

Reduced Chinese language hours and new electives at CET Shanghai

In Shanghai, students will devote less time and credits to language classes (but have the same great teachers) in order to make more time for their internships and elective courses. Language courses, offered at every level of proficiency, will meet 6 hours per week for a recommended 6 credits. Additionally, new electives in international marketing, the foundations of Chinese design, and a revised Shanghai history course provide students even more opportunities to learn about and engage with this global metropolis.

Internships remain a key component of CET Shanghai, and thanks to our tireless local staff and network, the internship possibilities are virtually limitless. Students spend 3 afternoons per week at organizations focusing on business, media, STEM, history, law, education, sports, philanthropy, music, and more. We’ve worked with hundreds of sites and yet, every term, we match about one third of our students with new hosts based on student preference. Check out our new Mandarin classes and new electives in the chart below.

CET Prague adds a new academic concentration

In Prague, we have added to our academic concentrations in Jewish Studies and Central European Studies with a new offering in Business and Economics. Students who choose this option will see firsthand what draws entrepreneurs to Prague. They will take a core course in European Economies in Transition, which delves into the shift from Communism to a market economy. Site visits to start-ups and companies like ŠKODA, Brisk, and Pilsner will provide the opportunity to talk with managers and explore career opportunities. They may also choose to enroll in one or more of the new electives available on CET Prague in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Students in all three concentrations will participate in the Traveling Seminar to Poland, Austria, and Hungary.

New for 2017, all CET Prague students will all have the option of selecting the internship plus internship companion course as an elective. Internships might entail researching trends in renewable energy generation for E.ON, conducting internet marketing for Slevomat (the Czech answer to Groupon), or working for a multinational corporation like CitiBank or DHL.

See all of our new courses below.

Program Course Code Course Name
CET Brazil BR440 Brazilian Cinema
CET Florence FL320 Corporate Finance
CET Florence FL277 International Energy Policy: Oil, Gas, and Green Technologies
CET Florence FL230 Italian Cinema
CET Florence FL287 Leadership Development
CET Florence FL272 Money & Banking: A Historical Perspective
CET Jordan AR600/AR601 Advanced High Modern Standard Arabic
CET Jordan: Intensive Language AR480 Islamic Shari’a: Qur’an Hadith and the ‘Ulama
CET Jordan: Internship AR365 The Refugee Crisis in Jordan and Its Impact on Youth
CET Prague PR350 Entrepreneurship in Europe, Case Study: The Czech Republic
CET Prague PR250 European Economies in Transition
CET Prague HE200-HE300 Intermediate – Advanced Hebrew
CET Prague PR321 International Management
CET Prague PR290 International Marketing
CET Shanghai CL100-CL510 Beginning Chinese – Advanced High Chinese
CET Shanghai SH270 Foundations of Chinese Design: Fashion, Music & Visual Arts
CET Shanghai SH260 International Marketing
CET Shanghai SH250 Shanghai: Key to Modern China?
CET Siena ECON4410 Economics of the European Union
CET Siena ECON202 Principles of Macroeconomics
CET Siena ECON201 Principles of Microeconomics
CET Vietnam VS240 Food, Culture, and Identity in Southeast Asia